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I'm A Little Wild

Title: I'm a little wild
Author: jeri_1116
W/C: 2,233
Warning:  There's an abundance of Reid. I apologize in advance
Disclaimer: Don't own. Wouldn't want to tbh.
Giftee: random_nic I hope you like. Bitch you better.
Notes:  Gideon's Peak and Kessler's Crossing are of course fictitious places I'm using because they sound super white. And since Oak dale was super white it seemed appropriate. Shout out to Dallas though- 1 out of 3 black people who mysteriously disappeared with no explanation. And Noah thought he had problems. Go figure.

Two weeks before Christmas.

“There’s someone in the waiting area for you” Margo says as she walks into the interrogation room. Dallas looks up a confused look on his face. “What?” He’s too tired for this, two hours in here and he couldn’t get the perp to talk.

Margo smiles at the questioning look on Dallas’ face. “Don’t worry he’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so you have time to finish up here.” Dallas still looks confused as he drops his case file and walks over to the big window that overlooks the whole police station. His eyes fall onto a figure hunched over in a chair, one hand cuffed to the arm. “What?” He says slowly breathing out, eyes going wide.

“He was caught trying to cut down a tree.” That’s Margo’s cue to start explaining, since Dallas has gone mute. Dallas turns back to her, eyes blinking. “He asked me not to tell you, but this is much more fun honestly.” She’s smiling wide and Dallas really doesn’t know what to say to that. “He wanted me to call Luke- which I did, but I don’t know how he thought he could get out of not seeing you, when he’s smack dab right in the middle of your place of work.”

Dallas swallows thickly. “Where was he?”

“Kessler’s crossing” Margo says without breaking her smile. “Doesn’t he know it’s against the law to cut trees down out there?”

“Did you really have to arrest him though, you could’ve given him a warning?” It’s all he’s got as a response, because for how smart Reid is, he can still be really stupid some times.

Margo brushes a hand through her hair. “I could have, but your husband’s mouthy.” She shrugs her shoulders. “So, yeah, I did.”

Dallas takes a deep breath. He can’t argue with that.


“Reid?!” Luke rushes in to the police station, voice frantic staring at a hunch over body. “What did you do?” He falls into the chair right next to Reid and tries to tilt his head up.

Reid doesn’t say anything, just does that thing where he looks like he’s eating metal and glass. He looks angry like he’s about to yell out “I’ll have all of your badges” at any moment. Of course he doesn’t though. He just says “can you get me out of here, before Dallas sees me?” He doesn’t explain anything he never has to with Luke. He’d be here forever if it were Noah, because Noah would want a full length explanation of what he did and then want Reid to point out where in his story he went wrong and why Margo had every right to slap cuffs on him.

Before Luke can say anything else there’s a shadow looming over them. Reid can only roll his eyes and Luke just sighs like a child who’s been caught. “I think it’s too late for that, don’t you think?” Reid continues to grind on that metal and glass in his mouth while Luke looks up innocently at Dallas batting his eyes.


“What were you thinking?!” Dallas is whisper shouting as he uncuffs Reid from the chair and drags him halfway from where Luke is still sitting. Reid doesn’t say anything and Dallas' grip gets a little tighter “Reid.” There’s a warning in Dallas’ voice and Reid finally looks up, his eyes stony. “I was trying to surprise you with a real tree.” He doesn’t say anything else just looks back down. He’s a grown man that’s being chastised in public, he doesn’t want to snap at Dallas so he falls quiet.

“All the trees on the farm, you know where we live? And you go and almost get arrested for one?” Dallas sounds almost hysterical. “Do you know what tomorrow is? How would that look if you got locked up? How would you have explained that?! How would you have explained that to Noah?”

“It was supposed to be a surprise and I didn’t want anyone to see.” Reid rolls his eyes “….and I know what tomorrow is.” He still looks like he’s eating metal and glass.

Dallas sighs and steps away. “You know…… you’re supposed to be the adult in this relationship. Stop making that face.”

Reid narrows his eyes. “I’m not that much older than you detective.”

Dallas cocks an eyebrow and steps towards his husband. He brushes his full lips against Reid’s cheek. “I like when you call me that” he whispers when he reaches Reid’s ear. He quickly slaps Reid on the ass. “Now get out of here, I’ll see you when I get home.”

Reid looks a little startled. “I’m not arrested?” Dallas smirks and shakes his head. “What?”

“You could’ve avoided all of this if you learned how to keep your pretty mouth shut.”

Reid looks over into the interrogation room and sees Margo standing there with a delightful smile on her lips. She raises a hand and waves politely to him. “Sonofabitch,” he seethes.”

“Go home babe. And take your partner in crime with you.” Dallas looks over at Luke pointedly, like he can see right through him- He’s not a detective for nothing. That look puts Luke into action dragging Reid from the police station, before Reid can say anything he’ll regret.


Noah’s anxious, more anxious than usual, running his hands through his hair over and over again as he stands in front of a full length mirror. He keeps fidgeting like there’s a frog in his pants and he can’t seem to get it out. He takes a deep breath, lets it out through his nose, and then repeats. His hands reach for his hair again and- “Noah I’m going to punch you in the throat if you touch your hair one more time.”  

Noah stiffens, balls his hands into fist and turns to the sound of the voice. “Now that’ll really get you locked up.” Noah doesn’t seem to be joking though, he looks as though he’s trying to contain his anger.

Reid stand’s nonchalantly in the doorway, arms crossed. He causally shrugs his shoulders…. “If it’ll get you to stop fidgeting, then so be it. You’ll probably eat through a straw from then on but….” He shrugs again causally and smiles softly at Noah.

Noah shakes his head, a small smile appearing on his lips. “You’re an asshole, you know that right?” He’s walking towards Reid now a little laugher caught in his chest, arms spread out to get a hug. Noah pulls Reid into a tight embrace. “Do you know how pissed I would’ve been if you weren’t here today?” He says as he pulls back from the embrace.

Reid steps away. “Don’t give me slack please, I’ve been hearing it from Dallas since he got home last night.”

“As you should be.” Reid rolls his eyes. “And what did you learn from this?”

A bubble of laughter escapes Reid “And this is why I called Luke.”

“What did you learn Reid?” Noah chooses to ignore Reid’s comment. “Hmmm, what did you learn?”

Reid chokes down another chuckle and looks Noah straight in the eye. “Well…for one thing I learned that Margo’s a raging bitch.” Noah’s eyes bulge out of his head and he looks as though he’s about to clutch his nonexistent pearls. "Oh for god sakes” Reid mumbles as he pulls Noah from the room. “Let’s go, it’s time to get you married.”


“…then by the power vested in me, I now-” before the minister can even finish his sentence Luke is pulling Noah towards him, kissing him like he’s never kissed him before; one of his hands sliding down Noah’s back smacking him hard on his butt.

“I couldn’t wait any longer,” he says as he pulls back. The crowd is applauding, some even laughing. And all Luke and Noah can do is smile stupidly at each other.

“Impatient bastard!” Reid hollers out as he claps from his place on the alter beside Noah.

Luke giggles and winks at Noah. “That I am.”

Casey, Luke’s best man smacks him on his back. “You sly dog you. Get it boy!”


“So tell me Mr. Mayer.”

Luke’s eyes light up at the sound of Noah’s voice, the way he says the name. He has his arms around Noah’s shoulders, their bodies moving slowly on the dance floor and he sighs softly. “I like the way that sounds.”

“You do, do you?”

“Mmm hmmm.” Luke’s nodding slowly, smiling up at Noah.

Noah can’t help but Nuzzle his face into Luke’s neck. “So….” Noah says still nuzzling into Luke’s neck. “When were you going to tell me Reid got arrested?”

Luke pulls away, a sweet smile on his lips. “Never” he says calmly. He doesn’t look sorry either. Noah glares at him a little and Luke sighs. “He wasn’t even really arrested.”


“…. But if he had been, I would’ve posted bail.”


“Noah,” it wasn’t a big deal and I didn’t want you to worry and start to freak out thinking your best man wouldn’t make it to your wedding.” Luke knows Noah like the back of his own hand. He knows he’d start to think the worst, take it as a sign. “So yeah, I would’ve bailed him out and not have told you.” Luke shrugs. “Sue me.”

Noah looks like he has a lot to say behind that, but he doesn’t want to have a disagreement with Luke on their wedding day. Besides he knows Luke and he knows he’ll never change. “Why would Reid go to Kessler’s crossing anyway?” Noah says instead, brow wrinkling. “Everyone knows you go to Gideon’s Peak for trees. It’s a few miles out bu…..” Noah trails off and looks down at Luke- Luke who has gone dead silent.

At that moment something dawns on Noah and he gives Luke a suspicious, but all too knowing look. “You didn’t.” Luke doesn’t look up and Noah sighs. “Yep! You did.” Noah’s about to go full on into one of his speeches about right and wrong, but stops suddenly feeling the way Luke’s body shakes under him. “Well then, I guess I shouldn’t even bother.”

Luke finally looks up, eyes bright, mouth in a tight line trying to hold in his laugh. “I couldn’t help myself. You know…. for a doctor he can be really dense.” Luke is still trying to contain his laughter and Noah is still looking at him. “On come on Noah! There are signs, he should’ve known.” Luke sighs because Noah, is well Noah. “It’s a well-known fact for Christ sake. I didn’t think he’d actually go.” He still looks like he’s seconds away from laughing. “Plus, I knew deputy Hanson would be out there. And I just….” Luke trails off to stop himself from laughing out loud. “He was safe, so it’s okay.” He finally gets out.

“Yeah, except it wasn’t Hanson Luke, it was Margo. Hence why he ended up at the police station.”

“That wasn’t my fault. Reid doesn’t know when to shut up.” Noah would like to point out how it is Luke’s fault; that the whole situation could’ve been avoided if Luke would’ve just been a normal human being. But Noah doesn’t want to point that out. Instead he says “when Reid realizes….” Noah shakes his head slowly.

“Oh come on, you know you’ll protect me.”

Noah shakes his head quick. “Nope you will have deserved it.”

Luke smiles shyly up at Noah. “I’m your husband now, you have to protect me, and you’re obligated to now. You’d be wise to remember that.” Luke is still smiling up at him when suddenly there’s a finger jabbing him in his shoulder. He knows who it is before he even turns around from the look on Noah’s face. “Reid” he says batting his lashes. He looks over Reid’s shoulder to see Dallas standing there grinning. “Dallas.” A look passes between them and Luke knows Dallas was just waiting for Reid to catch up. “Ah, you enjoying yourself?” Dallas just stares at him, an amused look on his face.

“Enough with the chit chat” Reid says with a cutting tone. He steps right into Luke’s space. “I can’t kill you here.” He shrugs his shoulders causally. “That’s some bad mojo I don’t want no part off.” He smiles devilishly at Luke though “….But tomorrow- that’s why you got your butt down to that police station so fast.” Reid takes a deep breath. “I don’t know what I’m going to do, but-” Dallas is dragging him away now. “Watch your back Snyder” is the last thing Reid gets out.

And all Luke can say in return is “its Mayer now. Call me Mayer when you come for me.” Luke turns back to Noah to see him laughing freely. “I’m right aren’t I? I mean if I’m going to die, he could at least get that right.”

Noah pulls Luke into his body and hugs him tight, mouth going to his ear. “I love you. You’re a little shit but I love you.”

Luke cuffs Noah on the back of the head. “Be nice mister.”

An upbeat song starts to play and the crowd around them dancing gets fuller. “You want to get out of here Mr. Mayer?” Luke puts his hand out waiting.

Noah grabs Luke by the hand “lead the way.”

The End.

Nuke always close by you

Fic: Follow me into darkness

Title: Follow Me Into Darkness
Author: jeri_1116
Rating: PG
W/C: 1,800
Warning: Slightly crazy Luke. Also possibly slightly crazy Noah. They're Vamps what'd expect.
Disclaimer: I don't own these motherfuckers, if I did they'd both be married to Reid and having a good ole time. Hey, I'm all for threesomes.

Okay this is the third installment to my vampire nuke au. If you didn't read parts 1 & 2 it's all good. The gist is they are together forever. Luke can sense people's pain and smell dirty secrets and Noah can compel people to do what ever he wants.

New Orleans April 2113

They finally made it, Luke had promised Noah months ago he’d find him a place surrounded by water, beautiful beaches. New Orleans had been the first place that had popped up In Luke’s head and he had went with it, he needed to get a smile on Noah’s face, needed to see him shine again. It had happened awhile back long before they even entered the hot state- Noah having listened wisely to Luke’s words about taking up drinking blood again.

For a while before New Orleans, they had settled down with a family: A mom, dad and one daughter. It had been nice, peaceful. Noah had started to relax somewhat, started to smile as if their life were normal. But after a couple of months it was time to go. Noah could see the look in Luke’s eyes, could see, he was ready to explode- that it was only a matter of time before he forgot himself and ripped and tore into flesh.

Noah liked the family. Liked the close knit of them, the way they intertwined in each other’s lives; how questions were constantly asked at the dinner table after long days at work and school. Noah could feel the affection, the way it lifted off of them and settled softly around them.

But they were human and humans held secrets, sometimes deep dark ones. Noah couldn’t tell for sure, but the look Luke would give him, the way his knuckles would stretch over bones from gripping furniture too tight, he knew….knew it was time to go- to leave behind the pretense of family- to keep them safe from the ripping and tear of flesh.

Noah had filed it away, knew to asked Luke about it later- let him settle, let the feelings fade into a dull ache. It had hurt to say goodbye. It had hurt to say it alone. Luke waited blocks away needing that feeling to subside so he could breathe- function.

So Noah had smiled looked deep into each of their eyes and told them he’d be back after the semester ended. That even though he couldn’t wait for school to start he would miss them dearly. He had slightly frowned then, remembering a life long ago where the most important thing was school- one of the only big things in his life. Well, besides Luke. “Don’t be sad baby brother” Sara had whispered pulling him into a hug. "You’ll be back in no time.” Noah forced a smile as he pulled back. He couldn’t stay any longer, couldn’t watch their sad faces. He had put it there, had tricked them. His gift always came in handy, but sometimes it left him with so much guilt, so much sadness. He didn’t even look back when he grab his duffle bag, he couldn’t. So he threw it over his shoulder and fled- ran towards Luke, so he too could also breathe- function.


“You like it?” Luke whispered watching as Noah looked out over the Mississippi river, his hands stuffed in the pockets of his hoodie. Luke stepped back causally scratching at the stubble on his chin. He knew he probably wouldn’t get a response, their relationship had been on shaky ground for a few days. It pained Luke to know he was the cause. In fact Luke was the only thing that could keep Noah in such a foul mood for such a long time. Luke mattered the most, so his actions hurt Noah the most.

“There’s a diner around the corner” Luke say’s already leaving. He doesn’t wonder if Noah’s following, Noah will always follow. “You should eat something.” And Luke will always worry. It’s how he’s built now, its how he’s been for a very, very long time.

Luke reaches the diner before Noah. He waits at the entrance waiting for Noah to pass by him and take a seat. He flinches as Noah passes by, he can feel the anger and sadness rolling off of him in waves, knows he’s the cause, that he’ll always be the cause. It should make him feel better to know that it’s vice versa. But Luke knows that most things he does are extreme, he beats Noah any day of the week and it’s far worse than anything he could have done while still human. It’s what makes him realize more than anything how much of a Grimaldi he really is and it makes him ache even more for his father Holden…… Holden who he’ll never see again.

It’s still quite early out, not a lot of people moving about. Luke can handle it before it becomes too much and he has to retreat. He’ll handle most things when it comes to Noah. Most things, not all things.

Noah drops like a heavy stone into a chair opposite Luke. He won’t look at Luke and he won’t acknowledge his presence. He stares out the window eyes trained on the river that wraps around the diner like a blanket. “Look at the menu” Luke’s voice holds no room for argument. Noah grinds his teeth, Luke can see he’s thinking of pushing it. “I mean you won’t eat right now so this will have to do.”

Noah narrows his eyes, decides to push “not hungry.”


“Not. Hungry.”

Luke clicks his tongue, runs a hand through his hair. “Guess I’ll have to find you something to eat then?” He says it smoothly. “Can’t promise it’ll be alive. Or resemble anything human….. You know? Once I’m finished with it.” His face carries a tight smile. He doesn't like threatening. Or rather, he doesn't like threatening Noah. He looks down at his own menu and waits, he knows he’s gotten through.

Noah picks up the menu, grips the edges as he reads through it. He knows Luke doesn't like to threaten either, but he also knows he’ll follow through. “So I guess when we finish here, we’ll check out our surroundings” Luke says not looking up at Noah as he speaks. “….see if we can find a place to live?” which coming from Luke translates to please let me find good people, good lovely people so I don’t have the urge to rip them apart every morning. Please.

“I guess” Noah mumbles biting at the nail on his thumb.

Luke sighs and looks up “Noah, do you want to stay here or not?”

Noah glares, shakes his head in disbelief. “Does it matter? No matter where we go you’ll…..”

“You’re mine” Luke growls. “Mine!” Luke suddenly looks around, knowing he was a bit too loud. He hopes he didn’t draw them any unwanted attention. But it’s still early, so no, no one is watching.

Noah leans over the table “I know that! I know I’m yours.” A calm look over takes his face. “And you’re mine.” Noah runs his hands through his hair. “I wouldn’t change it…. Not even if I could.” Noah’s eyes are pleading. His eyes are not as blue as they should be. He hasn’t had blood for a few days or eaten. It’s the only thing he really has to hurt Luke, that and not talking. So Noah goes with it. Till he goes too far.

“You shouldn’t of…..” Luke groans and grinds his teeth. “I felt it Noah, I felt the way you missed her, the way she would miss you.” He clicks his tongue “I felt her love for you.” Luke drops his menu slams his back into the chair. “She crossed a line” he says it with such distaste.

“She didn’t know that though” Luke just gives him a look like he doesn’t understand, which means he does and just doesn’t care. Noah takes a deep breath something so unnecessary and exhales, a thing he’s done for years dealing with Luke before and after they became what they are. “If that’s how you feel, then fine” he says. “I never want you to think someone else matters more then you, you’ll all that matters. You’re my mate.”

“I’m sorry you’re stuck with me, that you’re stuck like this.”

Noah frowns “I’m not.” He blocks out the screams, the pleas, and the way Sara’s face looked right before she took her last breath. He swallows hard “I’m not sorry it happened not at all.”

Luke gives a smile ducks his head “yes you are, don’t lie.”

“It’s not exactly a lie. I will probably always hate what was done to us, but I’ll never hate that I’ve ended up with you forever. Never.”

Luke looks up hope in his eyes, his irises a bright hazel now. “She tasted good” Luke smiles slowly biting his lip.

Noah shakes his head “I know Luke.” He can’t help but smile and think of Sara as nothing but the past. Although he does still wonder what Luke felt, it couldn't have just been jealously. Because, well humans were human and they held secrets. He'll leave it alone for now, ask later. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter.

It’s how it is with vampires, or from what they've read up on or heard in passing. You can’t really believe all you read, Vampires aren't supposed to exist so how can you believe all you read? Noah just knows after a while his feelings for others tends to fade. He doesn’t forget them or deem them forgettable, he just thinks of Luke and knows he’s more important and poof others tend to not matter. Noah figures it’s supposed to be like that with mates. He can be mad at Luke, but eventually it fades and then it’s as if it never happened.

Until it happens again and Luke is pleading with puppy dog eyes and blood dripping from his mouth.

He figures when they woke up together over a hundred years ago and felt that string, that invisible string that pulled them together, the one that said without saying anything, that they were forever; they’d never part, not ever. That whatever happens, whatever Luke does, Noah would never….. could never leave. Luke could grab an old woman, rip her throat out, burn an entire town to the ground and Noah would stick by him hold his hand and watch it burn.

“So we sticking around for a bit?” Luke asks taking Noah out of his musings.

Noah shakes his head ridding himself of such thoughts. “Yeah. Yeah, we’re sticking around for a bit.”

Luke smiles, lifts his arm “waitress! Do you know what you want?” Luke ask, his arm still in the air.

“Mmmm Hmmm”

“Good, let’s get this over with, before it gets too crowded in here. God, I hope the waitress smells alright.”

Noah shrugs “if not, we’ll wait till later and you can grab her.” Noah reaches for his glass of water and begins to drink, but he doesn’t miss the little smile that graces Luke’s face before he’s calling the waitress again.


Fic: When I Saw You

Title: When I saw you
Rating: G
W/C: 1,186
Warnings: Might be crap, at this point who the fuck knows.
Disclaimer: I don't own Luke and Noah. Me owning them would be amazing tho- the lack of unnecessary break ups, the non use of blindness to prolong a already dying story would be evident. #Astheworldturnssucks. #crapwriters.
Authors notes: Written for the

Tagged with I never saw it coming. by sarahsezlove
I'm promoting aspirwriter with It's dark in that closet

It was summer when Luke first saw Noah, watched as he jogged across a crowded quad and into an equally crowded coffee shop, t-shirt sticking to his back from sweat. Luke had smiled to himself, stored the moment away in his mind and headed off to his summer writing class.

Two weeks later, he had seen him again, recognizing the long lean body bent picking up books he had accidentally knocked out of someone’s hands as he rushed to his own destination. Luke had watched from afar, fascinated, listening as Noah apologized profusely, his voice so deep, yet so soft. Luke couldn't help but gasp.

It was the smile that overtook Noah’s face, a genuine concern that spoke volumes to Luke when he opened his mouth, the sorrys dropping from his lips like snowflakes, one after the other drizzled in kindness, going on and on. So sincere was he, the person he had bumped into could do nothing more than smile back, wave his hand about as a brush off, letting Noah know it was no big deal. Not a big deal at all. Of course, the stranger didn't get away without a few more apologies and another smile - this time bright and brilliant - thrown his way before he was off again.

Luke desperately wanted one of those smile to be thrown his way; wanted to feel what the stranger felt when Noah gave him one. Did it feel like light and love, a soft and glowing warmth spreading through your body? Or was it so sudden, it hit you like a brick, forcing you to remember to breathe? To steady yourself and breathe. Just breathe.

After watching Noah give so freely of his smiles, Luke would sneak into the crowded coffee shop - the one he’d seen Noah run into not so long ago and then found him working in – and sit for hours nursing a cup of coffee, simply watching over the brim of the cup and drinking in the sight of Noah being sweet, slipping extra cookies to little, old ladies and bright, young children as he prepared their requested order.

That’s when Luke knew. He just knew.

Noah was special. Now, maybe Noah didn't know this, but Luke did. Luke knew just by looking at him, watching the way Noah interacted with people, he was something. Something good. Something great.


It was two long weeks later when Luke got the chance to say that very thing. He was running late to his writing class, having tripped over a crack in cement, his books going this way and that and papers falling carelessly to the ground. Without stopping, he had bent down, rushing to pick his things up and hoping there wasn’t too much damage, when a hand reached out in front of him. Once scattered papers, now secure in a strong tanned hand, hovered by his face.

“Are these yours?” Noah said, eyes cast down watching the ground, hand still hovering; waiting.

Luke watched the hand, overwhelmed with emotion. He was close…so close.

A clearing of a throat had Luke snapping out of his daze, his hand shooting out after such a long wait, fingers curling around Noah’s wrist, before they drifted towards a smooth hand to retrieve the papers.

“Yeah. Yeah, they’re mine. I’m such a klutz,” Luke had said, shaking his head ruefully.

“I know what you mean,” Noah finally said, his head shooting up, lips turning up in a slight smile.

Luke had to shake his head, the little gesture making him fuzzy around the edges.

“You’re a life saver,” he said, the compliment turning that slight upturn of lips into a full-on grin.

“It was nothing,” Noah murmured as he moved around, picking up other items that had fallen to the ground. Luke, glued to the spot, was mesmerized by the grin, his thoughts running rampant as his imagination had them living together, married and surrounded by children. “Are you okay?” Noah had to eventually ask, his hand resting on Luke’s shoulder like it belonged there, the shock of it setting off little sparks of lightning throughout Luke's body.

“You’re a great guy!” Luke blurted out, the press of fingers throwing him off balance. His eyes widened at his statement, everything now in slow motion as Noah’s hand had dropped from his shoulder, his own eyes widening as well, face confused by the admission. “I mean…I mean, I watch you.” Luke shook his head at that, because that hadn’t sounded right at all. “I mean…I've seen you.” Luke shook his head again. Nothing was coming out right. “Just…just forget it.” Taking his books, Luke started to walk away. He was becoming a bigger creep by the second and that wasn’t good.

A hand reached out to grab his arm, stopping his retreat. Luke waited with bated breath, hoping he wouldn’t die of embarrassment. “ Thanks,” Noah said, soft and unsure, “…that means a lot.”

Luke smiled, breathing deeply in relief, “I’ve been wanting to say that forever.”

There was an aching silence and the pain of expectation shot through Luke’s body as he waited. He felt like throwing up, the tension so unbearable.

“I’ve been waiting forever for you to say something to me.” Noah finally said.

“You have?” Luke looked scared, desperately hoping it wasn't a joke.

Noah nodded, “I’ve been waiting, hoping you’d say something…say anything to me.”

All Luke can do is stare.

And that’s how they begin.


They become inseparable, standing too close in line when there’s enough space to branch out, laughing at jokes only they are privy to, sleeping with each other, without sleeping together - legs intertwined, fingers touching, lips ghosting over necks, cheeks - never making a commitment, yet knowing no one else belongs in what they have. Never in what they have.

It’s four months to the day since Luke first spotted Noah. They are sitting on the floor in Noah’s single dorm room, a pint of ice cream shared between them, their spoons clinking together has they dig in.

“Would you say we…” Noah doesn’t finish the sentence, his eyes focused on the pint, teeth digging into his bottom lip, moments from tasting blood.

“We what?” Luke whispers, eyes solely on Noah.

“Nothing.” Noah says, making swirls with his spoon in the ice cream.

A spoon touches his lips, ice cream about to drip and Noah can do nothing but look up, blue eyes watching the spoon as his tongue slips out to pull it in.

“I never saw it coming,” Luke says, watching as Noah eats the ice cream.

“Saw what?” Noah says, licking his lips.

“You.” Luke gives a soft smile, pulling the spoon away from Noah’s lips.

“Would you be my boyfriend, Luke?” Noah inhales, holds his breath as he waits.

A huge smile breaks across Luke’s face, a shuddering sigh of relief falling from his lips. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Noah exhales and drops his own spoon. His head ends up in Luke’s lap, mouth slightly open, waiting ‘til Luke offers up his again.

There’s silence now; no clinking of spoons, just the soft smack of lips as they share.

And that’s how they end, never to part again.

The end.
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Part of The Home For The Holiday's story

Title:Home For The Holiday's
Author: jeri_1116
Rating: PG
WC: 2,511
Warning: Luke likes the big black dick in this. No, we won't read about said big black dick. But Luke does ride it lot. Noah's heard him.
Disclaimer: I owns nothing, nada and don't wanna. This is fun enough- less stressful.

I want to give a shout out to random_nic for keeping up with things and not letting Nuke and all their co-stars fall by the wayside. So thanks Ms. Nic, you kinda, sorta rock. Not really but whatever.

Christmas Eve Morning

It’s still dark out; not yet six am. Noah knows Luke's probably in the barn taking care of things - things Holden usually does.

Holden hasn’t been around much. He might be an asshole, but he doesn't like to rub it in that he's left - made a life with someone else. So he leaves it to them, and stays out of Lily's way.

There’s a chain, a sort of list. If Luke can't do it, it's Noah. If Noah can't, it’s passed down to Dallas. The list even includes Reid if work isn’t hectic and he can take a long lunch. Jack is a big help as well, sometimes stopping by with Dallas before work to keep things running smoothly.

It's Noah's turn today. With help from Luke they were to bring in eggs, milk the cows, and feed the horses. That was supposed to occur a half hour ago.

Noah's not down there, though. He's in bed under Reid, trying his best to keep quiet. He’ll get a mouthful from Luke later in the day. Probably a threat to tell Emma what he’s up to, but he'll deal with it. The consequences for what he’s up to are truly worth it.

“You okay?” Reid whispers watching Noah, knowing he's thinking too hard.

“Fine” he whispers back. “Supposed to be helping Luke today.” It’s Christmas Eve, and with the both of them all the chores would be done by seven; seven-thirty if they decided not to rush. Two pairs of hands are always better than one.

Reid leans in, his nose brushing against Noah's neck. “Luke's a little shit, but deep down he understands.” He pulls back nipping Noah's chin. “Dallas is helping him, so don't worry about it.”

Noah sighs. “Okay. I'm glad you're here though.” He smiles, teeth peeking out a little. “I really missed you. I was going crazy without you, you really have no idea.” His smile grows wider as he speaks, blue eyes sparkling in the dark room.

“How much?” Reid asks, smirking as he pushes forward, face going into the crook of Noah's neck. One of Noah's hands come up grasping at Reid's back, lips pressed together tight fighting through the pain. “Hmmm?” Reid says again “how much?” He pushes all the way in, hips grinding down, waiting for Noah to adjust.

“Reid,” he breathes, finger nails sliding down Reid's back, small whelps forming.

“My back will never heal if you keep doing that, Stretch.”

“I said don't call me that.” Noah moans through it though, nails still trailing down.

Reid pulls back. He looks down at Noah, his hand coming up to brush through hair. Without warning he slams back in, his lips suddenly at Noah's ear. “I'll call you Stretch if I want.” Noah's back arches, legs going around Reid's waist locking him in. “Say I can't. Say I can't, and I'll stop right now.”

Noah's legs tighten around Reid's waist like a vice, the pressure causing Reid to groan in pleasure. “Whatever you want. Call me whatever you want,” he moans. Noah's voice sounds like it’s cracking; his head lifts up, his lips searching for Reid's. “Whatever you want,” he repeats, his voice still cracking like he needs water. Their lips crash together like thunder, Reid letting Noah control it.

Reid pumps into him, their lips attached like they need it to properly breathe. Like without it, they'd disappear. “Don't stop,” Noah finally says, coming up for air. He says it a little too loud though.

One of Reid's hands instantly comes up covering his mouth. “Shush” he says, his mouth breaking out into a smile watching as Noah's blue eyes sparkle in the dark. “You're so bad,” he whispers.

“Sorry,” Noah says, his hips bucking up silently, requesting Reid to continue. “I can't wait 'til we're home.”

“Me either,” Reid says into his ear. “Every flat surface...” Reid speeds up, his hand gripping at the base of Noah's cock, jerking it in rhythm with his thrusts. Noah's toes start to curl; Reid's thrusts become erratic. They haven’t been with each other for so long (almost a week). There’s no time for long, drawn out lovemaking, the risk of being caught too high. But Reid loves to make sure Noah is taken care of. “I'm close. You with me?” he asks before biting down on Noah's neck. The action causes Noah to come all over Reid's hand. “There you go,” he praises, still pumping in. “There you go, Stretch. ”

Noah takes deep breaths, his eyes close listening to Reid’s voice as it helps him along.

Shuddering, he holds on while Reid still seeks out his own orgasm. Noah nips at Reid's neck and clenches his hole around Reid's shaft to help him along. It works, the pressure causing Reid to spill powerfully into Noah.

Reid falls into Noah's body, breaths coming out deep and slow like they're his last. “Every time you do that,” he takes another deep breath. “I never last. I like when you do that thing at the very end. I like it a lot,” he says, still breathing deeply.

Noah doesn't say anything. He just smiles a knowing smile, his arms coming up to wrap around Reid's body as his legs finally fall back onto the bed. It isn't long before they are both dozing off, bodies still wrapped around each other, no sheets covering them, the chill of winter having no affect on them at all.


It's an hour later when they wake, and it's not because they wanted to.

Reid can hear Luke's voice like it's in his ear. He knows it's coming from the kitchen, though, and knows exactly what's happening. He nudges at Noah, once, twice, before popping his thigh. “Get up!” He says, his voice rough from sleep, but sounding like its urgent so that Noah moves, and quickly.

Noah, however, huffs and rolls over. “Stop hitting me you ass,” he groans into his pillow.

“Noah get up!” Reid sounds panicked; he’s already up looking for his pants.

“Why?” Noah whines. “What's-”


Noah's eyes go wide as he recognizes Luke's voice. Without further discussion he shoots up from the bed searching for his cloths. Noah’s not even worried about the mess he and Reid have made. He's out the door, shirt going over his head, before Reid can reach him. At this point, he’s not even worried about how to explain why Reid's in his room.

Noah races down the hall. Reid is right behind him, trying to keep up. He makes it down the stairs, and sees Dallas first with his arm up, blocking Luke from view. The arm is holding Luke back forcefully. Noah takes a deep breath. He watches from the corner of his eye as Reid disappears around a corner into the parlor.

Noah knows his mother is there, and that she won't come out. She'll stay back there instead of facing it. “Where's Grams?” Noah says, looking at Dallas. There's no use in addressing Luke; at this point he's seething.

“She had something at the church this morning.” Noah looks at the clock and can see it's a little pass 7:30. “You know she likes to get an early start on things,” Dallas says, his arm still locked and pushing Luke back.

Noah finally looks at what has Luke so out of control. He breathes deep, one eye still fixed on the entrance to the parlor. “Why are you here?” he finally says.

“I came to see you guys. I knew you wouldn't come to were I was.”

Noah shakes his head. “You need to leave. This could've waited.”

“I dare you come here, acting like you’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Luke,” Noah says.

“….you’ve crossed a line, the kids my have to spend time with you due to a court order, but you don’t get our time! None!"


“Never again!”

“Luke! Just…..” Noah takes another deep breath. “Please,” he says tiredly.

“He needs to leave!”

Noah places his eyes on Dallas, knowing he has to go another route. Right now there’s no reasoning with Luke. Something has to be done or he’ll just stand there shouting, nothing progressing.

Dallas presses his lips together, knowing what he has to do. He grabs Luke's shirt, pulling him out of the room. “Let’s go.”

“I'm not going-”

“Yes. You. Are.” Luke's eyes go wild at being told what to do. He starts to fight Dallas off of him. Dallas gets his hands though, and pulls Luke's body flush against his, lips pressing firm against Luke's ear. “Think about your mother,” he says tightly, grip still firm and unrelenting. “Go be with her right now.” Dallas’ voice is stern, leaving no room for argument.

Luke goes slack, his breath coming out hard. He pushes away from Dallas body. He’s annoyed at being told what to do. Anger is rolling off of him in waves; Dallas and Noah can feel it. But Luke just sneers, and straightens himself out. He huffs angrily and without another look at Dallas, he makes a bee line straight for his mother.


Luke doesn't stop “I don't want excuses from you,” he growls heading out of the kitchen. “Tell your fiancé hi.” There’s so much venom in his voice, it’s a little scary. But this is how Luke deals.

Dallas stands there watching, focused on Luke's tense shoulders as he disappears around the corner out of sight. “Today was supposed to be...,” Dallas can't even finish the sentence, he's at such a loss for words. He already knows Luke's anger will take a while to dissipate, and that he'll most likely not talk to Dallas until well into the evening. Dallas makes a sad sigh before following Luke into the parlor.

“Are you happy now?” Noah says sadly watching as Holden hovers by the door of his childhood home. Noah knows Holden should be able to come in grab what ever he wants out of the fridge, turn on the television, kick up his feet and relax. He can't though. And it’s his doing.

He's welcomed to come anytime he wants, really. His mama lives in said childhood home, but the consequences of doing so are far too much. Besides being there for the holidays, Noah and the guys are always there tending to the farm, taking care of the things Holden dropped to shack up with Molly. Confrontation is always a possibility; Luke just proved that in spades. There had been one point when Dallas had to practically drag Jack away before things escalated beyond repair. Although it really doesn't look like things could be fixed at this point, anyway. To this day, Luke wishes Dallas had let Jack go.

“I wanted to see you and Luke, not to mention Mama.” Holden finally says, swallowing hard.

“You see Grams all the time. You should have called. It's obvious she isn't here, so.”

“I know but-”

“Look, tell the kids we say hi.” Noah cuts him off. “You should go back to your fiancé.” He says the word bitterly, much like Luke said it. Noah backs up towards the parlor. He needs to get to Lily. He knows Reid had already probably comforted her, and that Luke came in and did what he needed to do. But he needs to be there as well, giving her his support.

It must hurt like hell to always have to see the person you married for better or worse with another person. Obviously, what you thought as forever was only temporary for the other.

“Noah, come on-”

“Merry Christmas.” Noah says with a tight smile, cutting him off again.

Holden can tell it's a goodbye; a ‘please leave.’ Holden sighs, and backs up and out of the door.

Noah stands there for a moment, watching the spot where Holden had stood just seconds earlier. He's fighting not to cry, trying with all his might to hold it in, his eyes painfully watering as he fights it.

Luke's reaction is to yell, and throw out insults. Noah wants that to be his reaction as well. He doesn't like that his first response is to either go stoic or to cry. Although he knows that reaction is because he's so deeply disappointed in Holden.

Holden didn't just leave Lily and move on with Molly. For months he cheated. Cheated as if Oakdale were a huge community and there was no way he could be caught. He disrespected her; he didn't even try and hide it, or leave her gracefully. She found out and he didn't even apologize, his reasoning being he wasn't sorry for loving Molly, so, no, he couldn't apologize for that. Something along the lines of you don't apologize for loving someone.


Noah makes a mental note to stop telling Lily that Holden will come back. That he’ll realize what a mistake he’s made. At this point, Noah knows his mother should move on. What Holden did - the way he did it - is unforgivable.

Noah wipes at his cheek, knowing he's failed at the not crying bit.

An arm rests around his shoulders, pulling him in. He has to bend a little; Reid's a little shorter then him. Yet he turns into Reid's hold and nuzzles into his neck. “Don't cry,” Reid whispers. “You're a grown man, for god sakes.” He huffs and squeezes at Noah's side, producing a short thick laugh, warm breath fanning at his neck.

Noah says nothing. He knows Reid is messing with him, trying to get him to laugh. Reid runs his hand through Noah's hair. The other hand now rubs at his back. “Are you okay?” Reid murmurs, still running a hand through Noah's hair.

Noah nods into his neck, “Is Luke okay?” He finally asks, wrapping his arms tight around Reid's waist. “Dallas had to get a little rough with him.”

“He'll be alright,” Reid says. “Although in between consoling Lily, he's giving Dallas death glares. He’s also muttering something about stupid Noah being an ass, too.” Noah gives another laugh at that. “But he'll be fine,” Reid starts again. “You know he can't stay mad at Dallas for too long. For that matter, he can't stay mad at you ever, so it'll be okay. Promise,” Reid says holding Noah tight against his body.

Noah sighs sadly. “Great start to your vacation,” he says sarcastically, pushing away from Reid.

“What are you talking about?” Reid says, shocked. He grabs Noah by the face, pulling him in for a kiss. He kisses him softly and pulls away. “This morning was…” he cocks his eyebrow over and over again instead of saying anything, and Noah can't help but outright laugh at that.

“You know what would make it even better for me?”

Noah rolls his eyes. “I have a feeling you're gonna say food and not anything pertaining to me now.” Reid beams at the mention of food. Noah rolls his eyes again, and heads for the fridge. “What would you like, babe?”

Part of The Home For The Holiday's story

Title: Home For The Holiday's
Author: jeri_1116
Rating: PG
WC: 2,533
Warning: Luke likes the big black dick in this. No, we won't read about said big black dick. But Luke does ride it lot. Noah's heard him.
Disclaimer: I owns nothing, nada and don't wanna. This is fun enough- less stressful.

Here's a link to the first part of the story, but you don't have to read. Basically Luke, Dallas, Noah and Reid spend Christmas at the farm with Emma and Lily. Holden's not in it, he's a dick whose left Lily to be with Molly- the kids are with them and Lily's a little sad because of that. But again you can read this for that Neid fix and it won't matter. The First part of Home for the Holiday's

Also here's another link This is Duke. It's part of the series, but again can stand alone.

December 24, 2016
1:30 AM Christmas Eve Morning.

Noah doesn’t remember when and how it happened. He doesn’t remember how he let it get that far. Where one person and not the one he thought for that matter would become the center of his world.

Lying on his back, phone pressed tight to ear, he knows it’s serious. Knows all he needs right now in this moment is the voice that comes through that line. It’s like a beacon of light he can’t steer away from.

“How are you?” Noah says softly. He waits patiently; can hear the flutter of papers and the murmurs of voices in the background. He waits and waits. He knows Reid is busy. Knows even though he’s busy, he’d take his call and try his best to pay attention, even with all that’s happening around him.

“What babe….? I’m sorry, say again.”

“It’s nothing, Reid. Just really wanted to hear your voice is all.”

There’s more silence, more fluttering of paper, and the murmurs of voices in the background. Noah sighs, and closes his eyes. He knows Reid isn’t doing it on purpose. He’s busy; doctors are busy. The job can be a bitch.

There’s a slam of a door and a deep sigh that’s not Noah’s. “Okay, I’m in my office. Talk to me, Stretch.”

“Don’t call me that.” Noah whispers. He bites his lip as the words slip out, eyes fluttering as he does it.

“I’ll call you whatever I want.” Reid whispers back, tongue pushing out, licking at lips.

“Is that so?” Noah can’t help but flirt - it’s what they do.

“Yes” Reid breaths softly.


“What’s up?” Reid says as he sits down at his desk. “I have five minutes, but I’ll give you ten if you keep me interested.” Reid loves to flirt, but he’s also a busy man. And when at work, it always goes right back to business.

“Shut up.”

Reid chuckles at that response. “Shut up,” he says back mockingly.

Noah stays quiet, and Reid knows he’s pouting. “Oh come on babe. You know you could talk about anything and I’d try my best to give you all my attention - my most rapt attention.”

“When are you getting here?” Noah cuts to the chase; Reid’s being a sarcastic ass. He’s not in the mood.

“Someone’s touchy.”

“I’m not. I…” Noah bites back the rest and lies back on his bed, gripping the phone.

“You are! What’s wrong?”


Noah knows he’s acting childish, knows he should talk. “Tell me,” Reid says when Noah says nothing.

“It’s nothing. I…”

“Just tell me, babe. Not in the mood for guessing. Don’t have the time.”

Noah doesn’t take that response to heart. He knows Reid is busy; knows he can’t deal with things that really don’t matter. He’s not there to fix it, and can’t really do anything but listen. So no - no time for guessing games. He’s a straight-to-the-point kind of person. “We were watching a movie and-”

“Who - you and Luke?”

“Yeah. Well me, Luke, Dallas and mom.”

“Okay. And.” Noah can hear the annoyance in Reid’s voice, and knows he’s trying to keep it in. With Noah, he tries his best to keep it wrangled in. Mostly it’s because Noah won’t take it lying down. But mostly it’s because Reid can’t stand doing that to him.

Noah doesn’t say anything; he doesn’t know how to start it without sounding stupid. “Babe.” Reid sounds more and more irritated by how slow the conversation is progressing. He really is trying not to snap. Reid takes a deep breath, elbows pressing into his desk. He’s clenching and unclenching his jaw- the action helping him to stay calm. “What is it?” He manages to say without snapping.

“I just miss you okay? I just miss you! I need you to come home!” Noah’s practically shouting down the receiver. It’s damn near two in the morning. And he’s shouting like people won’t hear.

Reid stays quiet waiting until Noah is done with his outburst.

“Reid?” Noah says. It had gotten so quiet; he thought the call may have dropped.

“I’m here.” Reid sounds so calm and collected.

“Oh. I thought…”

“Are you done? Are you going to tell me what’s really wrong?” Reid’s voice sounds amused. After all that hard work of trying not to snap, he finds it funny that it’s Noah who lost control.

“Don’t laugh at me.”

“I find it cute when you lose control.” Noah doesn’t say anything; just glares into the receiver like Reid can see him. “So again,” Reid starts again. “Are you gonna tell me what’s really wrong, or do I have to guess?”

Noah smiles softly into the phone, his outburst almost a thing of the past. Reid knows him. He likes that; loves it, in fact.

“Come to my room when you get here.”

Reid laughs out loud at that. “I knew it!” He says. His laughter dies down, hand running across his chin scratching lightly. “Emma might have a problem with that babe.”

“I don’t care. She doesn’t have to know.” Noah knows he sounds ridiculous, way more childish then when this conversation actually started.

“She’ll find out.” Reid says it in a sing song voice, a little tsk-tsk trailing behind it.

“No she won’t. Luke and Dallas won’t say anything.” Noah’s mind is swimming with all the reasons as to why it could work. “And mom will act like she’s blind. Just…” Noah sighs, a hand running through his hair. “Please, I miss you. Luke and Dallas they were just so....." Noah struggles to find the right word. "They were just so in tune with each other" He sighs again. "It just got to me. I mean I know it shouldn’t but I’m…”

“You feel lonely?” Reid says knowingly.

“Yes.” Noah murmurs, biting his lip.

“You’re biting your lip, aren’t you?”

Noah quickly lets his lip go. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Reid does his own sigh, eyes rolling, knowing he’s right. “Okay,” he says, dropping it. He sighs again. “When you wake up Christmas Eve morning I’ll-”

“It’s Christmas eve now,” Noah says bitingly, teeth sinking back into lip.

“Shut up. It doesn’t count ’til the sun comes up. And I’ll be there before that happens, okay?”

“Yeah?” Noah perks up, hand tightening around the receiver. “Are you sure?” He asks timidly.

“I promise.”


“In the four years we’ve been together, have I ever broken a promise to you?”

Reid had a point and Noah knew that, but couldn’t help but worry. “No, but there’s a first time for everything.” He finally says.

“True, but it won’t happen tomorrow. I don’t care what happens at this hospital. I put in time to spend with you, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

There’s silence over the receiver, the both of them listening to each other breathe.

Noah never knows what to say when Reid gets like this - when he can’t help but to express how he feels about him, how he’d do anything for him. It’s not in Reid’s nature to get emotional, so he keeps it in. But there are moments where he can’t help it; Noah brings it out in him.

This is why Reid goes silent himself. He can never comprehend how Noah brings that out in him. It always puzzles him. He didn’t even get like that with Luke. It’s actually times like this were he’s grateful Luke dumped him; where he’s grateful he walked into Java that day, and had that little tiff with Noah. It was meant to be. Of course he’d never say it out loud. But Reid’s pretty sure Noah knows. He’s also pretty sure if Noah needed reassurance, he’d rent a plane and write it high in the sky.

That’s what Noah does to him - brings out the sugar sweet. He hates it. But wouldn’t change it.

“Get some sleep,” Reid finally says.


“Noah, stop. Just go to bed. I’ll be there.”

“Okay,” Noah whispers. He swallows thickly, but doesn’t make a move to hang up.

“Are you-”

“You hang up,” Noah says griping the phone.

“I’m going to,” Reid threatens.

“Do it.”

“Noah, I will.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“I have to go. Please hang up,” Reid begs.

Noah sighs. “Fine. I’ll see you later?” He says it like a question.

Reid rolls his eyes. He’s not about to go over this again. “I have to go.” He’s not going through it again. He’ll just make sure he’s there, and put Noah’s fears at ease. “I love you,” he says instead.

Reid stays quiet, and doesn’t dare hang up. “I love you too,” Noah finally says. Reid waits, listens carefully till he hears the click, and knows Noah’s gone. Knows he’s definitely going to have to make it out of the hospital and back on the farm before sunrise.

Christmas Eve Morning.

Luke shuffles lazily towards the kitchen sink, hair falling casually into his face, cheeks flushed red from the early morning chill. “Baby,” he says yawning “you want some coffee?”

“Yeah,” Dallas says walking up behind him, wrapping his arms around Luke’s waist. “Do we have hazelnut creamer?” Dallas asks as he burrows his face into Luke’s neck, arms tightening around his waist possessively. Luke doesn’t answer. Dallas looks up watching as Luke stares out of the little window over the kitchen sink. “What’s wrong?” Dallas says watching the look on Luke’s face.

“It’s too early for visitors,” Luke whispers wiggling out of Dallas hold.

“What?” Dallas says paying closer attention to the window, watching as a shadow of a figure gets closer and closer to the house.

“Baby, be careful,” Dallas says as Luke approaches the door.

They can’t see who it is anymore so they stand silent in the kitchen listening to the footsteps; the way the snow crunches under foot. They wait for the knock but none comes. Instead the sound of a lock opening is heard throughout the kitchen. “Who the hell….?” Luke whispers as Dallas pulls him back still watching the door with rapt attention.

Ten seconds later Reid steps through the threshold, eyes down, tipping in quietly not paying attention to the two figures watching him with amazement. “Where the hell is your car?” Luke says tersely.

Reid looks up shocked, face splitting into a huge smile as he notices who it is. “Left it at the end of the driveway.” He shrugs his shoulders like it’s not a big deal; like he didn’t just walk up a long driveway caked with snow.

“You scared me. I didn’t know who it was coming this early.”

Reid comes in, his face still split in a bright smile. Reid puts his middle finger to his lips. “Be quiet - can’t let Emma hear.”

Luke moves closer, eyes narrowing. “Why?”

“Ahhh,” Dallas finally says as realization dawns on him “Parked the car down there so she wouldn’t know you were here. Sneaky.”

Reid cocks his brow. “Like you wouldn’t do the same?”

Dallas smirks and pulls Luke towards him. “I don’t know why it took you this long to do something like this. I would’ve done it the first night.” Dallas runs his nose against Luke’s cheek and kisses him softly.

Reid starts to look around nervously making sure Emma doesn’t pop up out of nowhere. She’s tricky like that. He starts to head to the stairs, leaving Luke and Dallas to their own devices

“I’m making coffee, you want some?” Luke says it kind of loud.

Reid all but jumps out of his skins, and gives Luke a crazy look. “Be quiet!” He whispers it harshly, and sneers at the amused look on Luke’s face.

“Scared of a little old lady.” Luke shakes his head and heads back to the sink.

“I’m not scared.”

“Whatever you say. You want coffee?” Luke ignores him. Reid just glares backing up towards the door that leads upstairs. “I’m going to tell.” Luke sings the words, and smiles like a brat.

Dallas grabs Luke by the collar pulling him into his chest. “No he won’t. Go.”

Reid nods quickly heading for the door. He stops abruptly, looking at Luke. “It is kind of cold. Can I get-”

“I’ll bring it to you in five,” Dallas says, cutting Luke off before his husband has a chance to be an even bigger spoiled brat. Reid nods his head again in thanks. He takes one last look at Luke, seeing the mischief in his eyes. Luke likes being difficult, but Reid knows he won’t actually tell on him. Although as he’s headed up the stairs he does hear Luke whine about how he and Dallas had to follow the rules, so he wonders, but smiles again when Dallas tells Luke to shut up.


One Hour later


Reid’s been in Noah’s room quite a while now, his tie thrown across a chair in the room, his shirt and socks off. He’s sitting next to Noah watching as he sleeps peacefully on his side, head lying atop his arm.

His coffee is finished, Dallas having brought it up like he said he would. All the movement Reid made when he entered the room, Dallas’s whispers, and Luke’s bickering and Noah had failed to wake.

So he sits and waits. The sitting and waiting turns into a stare off, waiting for Noah to wake and see his face. Reid brings himself to eye level with Noah’s face, and softy blows on his forehead. “Wake up,” he murmurs leaning in closer “wake up, wake up, wake up.” He blows harder on Noah’s forehead.

Noah swats the air, catching the tip of Reid’s nose. Smiling devilishly, Reid see this as an opportunity to hit back. He pulls his hand back and with more strength than warranted, smacks Noah on his ass.

With a start, Noah yelps, his hand instantly moving to his ass rubbing the area. He’s so focus on the pain he doesn’t pay attention to the stifled laughter. “Don’t be so loud,” Reid finally says when Noah lays eyes on him. “You don’t want Emma to hear.”

Noah’s face instantly lights up, hand rubbing hard at the ache in his ass cheek. “You made it,” he says.

“I made it,” Reid repeats. “I told you I would.”

“That hurt,” Noah says, still rubbing at the flesh.

“I know it did.” Reid smirks and cocks his brow daring Noah to retaliate. But Noah just smiles, the pain forgotten as he flings himself at Reid tackling him to the bed. “You made it,” Noah repeats.

“We’ve already established that.” Reid rolls his eyes. “I hit your ass, not your head. Snap out of it.”

Noah doesn’t even compute the snark; he’s too happy. Way too happy. “You’re here,” Noah sighs into Reid’s neck, kisses the spot over and over again, like he’s never seen it before.

At that, all Reid’s snarky comebacks disappear. He holds Noah closer to him, runs his hand down Noah’s back, and stops over the cheek he hit. “We have to be quiet; can’t let Emma hear us.” Reid knows where this is going.

“I will be. Promise.”

“Hmmm,” is all Reid can say, because he’s not sure about that.

For a while it'll be about you, all about you.

Title: For a while it'll be about you, all about you.
Author: jeri_1116
Rating: Rated R for strong language.
W/C: 1,270
Beta: seajellybaby
Summary: Cal decides some things
Disclaimer: This shit belongs to Kit Williamson. I owns nothing and is okay with that. Really okay. Promise. If I owned it I would've tried making Jeremy less of a creeper.


“I was thinking beige.”

Cal shakes his head slowly; can’t believe those words passed Thom’s lips.

“Well, why not? Isn’t this our place? Isn’t this where we are supposed to start our life together?" Thom stresses the words as if to assert his right to have an opinion.

Beige should be something they should think about; should consider. Cal wants cream. He thinks cream would look more appealing coated on the walls.


Cal knows he’s selfish. He knows that sometimes he stays in his own head; the current theme being screamed on constant repeat all about me. Me, me, me. Cal knows this. He knows that he can be self-absorbed. Completely, disgustingly self- absorbed.

Isn’t that natural though, to think of you first? After all, who else is going to do it?

He tries though. Tries to shift the attention, tries to be better at being better. He fails a lot of the times and knows he does. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t self aware and knows he has to try a lot harder.

Knowing all this, knowing how he can be. Knowing how he can make it all about himself and how he has to try to be better; be more human- just be there; there’s one thing he’s certain of- that he’s deeply and utterly aware of…..

He loves Thom.

He loves him so much it hurts; makes his stomach twist just thinking about them not being together. It’s the reason why the fucking walls wear not a lick of cream. He has his moments, has these certain flashes of putting the one you love first, flashes that make him act on it- do better.

Doing better, learning to not be so self obsessed, has its downside though. You have to be prepared for the hit.

It’s not an actual hit; not one that’ll leave a bruise, scary for all to see. No it’s a bruise that sits on the inside. It sits on the inside and slowly eats at you; never letting up.

It’s right there inside, continuing to leave damage. It’s a bruise that develops when you realize the person you taught yourself to do better for; never learned to do better for you. Never learned to think about you before they did something that had the potential to destroy you.

You take a risk when you put someone else before you. Sometimes the risk is good- you get your monies worth.

That’s not the case with Cal though.

That’s why he’s leaned over, clutching at his stomach as if his insides are about to spill out. It’s not because he can’t stand the color, stand what he settled on in order to please the one he loved. No it’s…..

“You cheated on me, Cal. I can’t be with you- not anymore.”

Cal laughs to himself; his stomach still twisting in knots; his eyes squeezing shut as tears slip past slow and steady.

“You started it,” he whispers, shoulders flinching when he hears how childish he sounds.

But wasn’t it the truth though? Didn’t Thom start this? Didn’t Thom stick his dick where it didn’t belong? Cal was just returning the favor. It was the sensible thing to do- give it back tenfold, make it hurt like being kicked in the balls.

Cal didn’t expect this though, for Thom to leave and go right to the person he'd been fucking.

Cal laughs at that because Thom doesn’t know. Thom thinks Cal fucked his boss end of story. But no, truth is Cal merely sucked his boss off. The person Cal had actual intercourse with was Jeremy.

He knows how Jeremy likes to whisper in your ear and tell you he’s about to come- knows the face he makes when he comes. He knows he likes to rut against bare skin after coming, the sensitive feelings shooting an exquisite pleasure from the head of his cock.

Cal laughs a little more. Does Thom know these things about Jeremy? Do they share these things now? Should they compare notes? Would it be interesting to have a detailed discussion on what it was like to have Jeremy inside of them?

He laughs harder. He can’t! He wants to keep that secret. He wants to use it at the right time. He wants maximum damage. It’s the human way - the fucking right way.

He dreams of running into them while they are out enjoying a coffee and letting it spill like it was an accident.

Of course it would be a ‘coincidence.’ A sheer shock.

“What are you laughing at?” Thom asks, watching as Cal curls into himself, fingers reaching for a bottle of wine he wants to devour - make all his awkward pain retreat. “This isn’t funny!”

Does Thom believe yelling this fact will get his point across?

It doesn't. It’s just making things clearer. More focused.

“Isn’t it? I find it quiet funny,” Cal pulls the bottle to his chest, a sigh pushing out, bangs fluttering. “You can leave now.” He doesn’t wait for a response.

With the bottle safely in his hands he turns and heads for a bed, a bed they will never share together again. Thom may have destroyed him, but it’s temporary. He’ll repair himself. It’ll be a slow process, but he’ll get over it. He may retreat into himself and focus on himself solely again. Props to the future man he decides to give a chance. He’s going to give that guy a run for his money.

But for right now he wants to be alone with his inside joke, wants to think of all the ways it could play out. If he’s being honest with himself, he’s thinking of ways to fuck Jeremy again- that in turn would fuck Thom. Thom needs a good fucking- it won’t be the good kind though.

“Jeremy and I…. we fit. We’re better for each other.” Thom doesn’t know why he keeps talking; doesn’t know why he has to twist the knife. He just knows he has to be the one who wins this. He can’t have Cal walk away laughing, can’t let Cal have his moment of peace with his wine.

There’s a huge gap between them now when Cal turns around to stare, the bottle still snug in his arms, eyes red rimmed. He shakes his head slowly, smiles tightly, like his life depends on it.

God he’s gonna fuck Thom.

He’ll repair himself later. He’ll also search for that future man later. For the moment, it’s about Thom.

He finds it ironic that Thom can make a mistake and expects things to work, expects to be forgiven. Cal makes the same kind of mistake and Thom’s out the door, couldn’t escape fast enough.

What a hypocrite!

Yeah, he’s gonna fuck Thom real good!

He can already picture the look of absolute bliss on Jeremy’s face, the way he rutted against him.

“Have fun,” he says, turning his back again. Thom has no idea how needy and flighty Jeremy is. “You’re gonna need it.”

Cal doesn’t wait for a response. He's already kicking the door to their former bedroom shut with his foot.

Cal slides down the door, the bottle falling to the side, his grip on it slack. He has to do this - make Thom pay. After all, Thom didn’t even think about it before he left and fell right back into Jeremy’s bed. Whatever Cal does to hurt Thom will be worth it. Thom made him consider another person before himself.

Big fucking mistake!

It’s only fair that Cal gets revenge.

Again… it’ll be all about Thom.

What Makes A Family

Title: What Makes A Family
Author: jeri_1116
Rating: G
Word Count: 3,056
Beta: seajellybaby
Summary: Luke and Noah don't mind sharing.
Notes: Written for the new community nukeminibang. Also thank you to random_nic for hosting this and helping to keep Nuke alive. :)
Disclaimer: I owns nothing, nada, zilch. But let's be clear.... if I did, Noah never would've went blind, him and Luke would be together - like forever and ever. Jade NEVER would have disappeared, she'd be Casey's cock tease. And Reid would've fucked Chris into oblivion.

What Makes A Family

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On The Outside Looking In (Part 4)

Title: On The Outside Looking In
Author jeri_1116
Rating: NC-17
W/C 2,399
Notes: This should have been done, but hey what can I say shit happens
Disclaimer:I don't own these characters, this is merely a stress reliever- but if I did all three of my guys would have definitely gotten some action before the end.
Summary: Looks like some thing still have to be made clear.

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On The Outside Looking In (Part 3)

Title:On The Outside Looking In  
Author jeri_1116
Rating: NC-17
W/C 2,386
Notes: This should have been done, but hey what can I say shit happens
Disclaimer:I don't own these characters, this is merely a stress reliever- but if I did all three of my guys would have definitely gotten some action before the end. This also takes place in the  We Fit Together Perfectly universe.
Summary: Looks like some thing still have to be made clear.

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